This is our primary, front-line apparatus.  The truck boasts a Cummins L9 450-hp diesel engine with Allison EVS transmission, a Waterous 1250 GPM mid-mount pump, 1500-gallons of water, and 30-gallons of class-A foam.  It has seating for six, with in-seat SCBA for up to 5 firefighters.  It is equipped with a complement of Holmatro hydraulic rescue tools, Rescue42 rescue structs, an assortment of firefighting hand tools, a variety of cordless power tools, portable scene lighting, a 2000-watt portable generator, a Honda 200 GPM trash pump, and other miscellaneous equipment.

This is our secondary firefighting apparatus.  It has a Waterous 1250 GPM mid-mount pump, 1000-gallons of water, 30-gallons of class-B foam, and is capable of being utilized as small-volume tanker.  It is equipped with an on-board Honda 6500-watt generator and has telescopic lights with an electric cord reel, four SCBA, a Honda 300 GPM trash pump, a variety of firefighting tools, and other miscellaneous equipment.

This is our water tanker, a 2800-gallon polypropylene tank with stainless outer shell, built on an International commercial chassis.

This Ford E-series Type III ambulance is Certified by the State of New York as a Basic Life Support (BLS) unit.  It is equipped with all necessary emergency medical equipment.

This diesel-powered Kubota RTV serves as an off-road rescue, firefighting, and support vehicle.  It is used year-round to respond to a variety of incidents, including wildland fires, Search & Rescues (SARs), and off-road crashes (such as snowmobile crashes).  This unit has both a firefighting body and a rescue body, custom made to fit inside the RTV's standard dump body.  The firefighting unit has a 100-gallon water tank with a 100' forestry booster line, while the rescue body has an EMS-attendant's seat and platform for a stoke's rescue basket.
                          2020 COMPANY LEADERSHIP

FIRE OFFICERS                                                         EXECUTIVE BOARD
Chief - Kimo Brandon                                                   President - Jamie Zymowski
1st Ast. Chief - Chet Zymowski Jr                                Vice President - Pat Zymowski
2nd Ast. Chief - Bill Lampke                                         Treasurer - Josh Senick
3rd Ast. Chief - Brandon Zymowski                              Assistant Treasurer - Louis Yunker
Captain - Pat Zymowski                                               Secretary - Jill Schmidt
Lieutenant - Jamie Zymowski                                      Sgt At Arms - Steve Zymowski
EMS Lieutenant - Brian Haberthier                             10 Year Board - Sharon Hoy
Safety Officer - Art Lautenschlager                             10 Year Board - Frank Galland
Fire Police Captain - Joshua Senick

It is the mission of the Bennington Volunteer Fire Company to protect and preserve the life, health, property, and environment of the residents of the Town of Bennington and the surrounding area. We will respond whenever requested, safely mitigating every incident to the best of our ability, through the effective and innovative utilization of available personnel, techniques, and equipment.  We are dedicated to serving the community beyond the scope of answering emergency calls, and will do so through general assistance, fire prevention and education, and the promotion of intellectual, moral, and social welfare.


The Bennington Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. was founded in 1945, and is comprised of men and women of all ages. We are a 100% volunteer organization of dedicated men and women, who are devoted to the preservation of life and property for all members of our community and those who pass through it. The membership is consists of approximately 40 individuals, consisting of Active, Exempt (Life Member), Junior Firefighter, and Social members.  We provide emergency response and community service to the eastern portion of the Town of Bennington and the surrounding region. These services include, but are not limited to, fire suppression and extinguishment, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Search and Rescue (SAR), off-road and technical rescue, vehicle extrication, hazardous materials/condition management and mitigation, investigation, fire safety, and incident prevention. We operate a rescue pumper (BE-1), a pumper/tanker (BE-2), a medium/heavy rescue (BE-7), a water tender (BE-3), an EMS unit (BE-8), and an off-road utility (BE-9).

The Bennington Volunteer Fire Company operates out of a single facility. Our firehall has seven vehicle bays, an office, meeting room, lounge, exercise/weight room, a large kitchen with pantry, bathrooms, maintenance closets, and basement storage area. The firehall houses our large apparatus and serves many purposes, including supporting the everyday functions of our organization as well as hosting community events. We have a separate storage barn where we keep spare firefighting equipment, our off-road rescue equipment, landscaping equipment, and an indoor training facility. An emergency back-up generator is located in a concrete block building behind the main firehall.